Do Baby Or Juvenile Toronto Skunks Spray?

Whether you have a small baby Canada skunk on your premises or it is a well-grown animal; they can spray if they feel threatened. Clearly, the spraying behavior of skunks is not related to their age. Studies show that skunks do not like to mess with people; they even try to stay away from crowded areas and will take a safe turn whenever possible. In case if they come in your way and get panicked about their life, there are chances that they will use their odorous spray as a protective weapon. Skunks also prefer to spray when they are distressed due to certain injury or pain. When their health is not good, they feel insecure, and that is why they try to protect themselves with spray. However, many people are still curious to know whether baby skunks can spray same as adult ones or not.

The fact is that there are more chances of spray in case of baby Toronto skunks because these tiny creatures feel frightened fast. The baby skunks live with their mother, and in case if you try to approach them, the mother will take quick action for their protection, and it can spray as well. The baby skunks can also bite you when they do not feel safe, so it is important to be safe while handling these creatures in your premises. Note that skunks are common carriers of various diseases including rabies, so it is important to maintain a good distance from these terrible creatures.

Experts reveal that baby skunks take birth either by the end of April month or at the beginning of May. The babies stay inside dens for several weeks, and they will come out with mother only when their body grows enough to walk around. There are chances to see orphaned baby skunks as well when the mother has died, or the babies are relocated to some strange location. In case if you find baby skunks without a parent, nearby it is good to pay some attention to them. The chances are that babies are alone and need some assistance. It is good to wait for some time if mother skunk comes to see them or not. In case if there is no one around, it is good to call wildlife care professionals to take them to some safe location. Note that, no matter how small the skunk baby is, it can spray when it feels unprotected.

A baby Canada skunk will not feel happy to find your around, and the mothers will also take some defensive steps to protect their babies. So, it is good to stay away from these creatures. In case if you find baby skunks with mother in your attic, it is good to call professional skunk exterminators to take the whole lot out of your house. Professionals know right techniques to handle these creatures and will ensure your complete safety for future as well. It is not good to allow skunks to share your property.

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