Top Humane Toronto Rat Removal Methods

Are you tired of having Toronto rats in your yard, basement, and attic? The existence of rats doesn’t harm us, but they can cause numerous problems. For instance, they can chew your plumbing line that might lead to water leakage. They are can make your family sick as they carry deadly diseases with them. this is why it is essential to control the rats urgently. There are several ways through which you can get rid of the unwanted rodents. However, not all of them are humane; the presence of rats mean no harm to us. So, it is advised to keep as kind as possible and use humane rat removal methods. In this article, we have listed few of the ways to eliminate the rats from your house. Let’s have a look at the methods to eradicate the rats safely from your property.

One of the most popular ways to get rid of Canada rats is by using traps. There are many different kinds of traps, but the most humane trap is a live trap. You can place a bait inside the trap to make sure the rat goes inside the trap. The bait you use will depend on the rat you are trying to get rid of. The black rats are vegetarian and brown rats eat meat, food, and plants. The best item to be used as baits are smelly ones. You can even use liquid bait as they are very effective as well. Some of the food that you can use as baits include:
• Meat
• Peanut butter
• Vegetables
• Fruits
• Cheese
• Cat food
• Cotton balls
• Cereals
• Dog food
• Yarn
You can release them after you have trapped them. It is imperative to keep in mind that according to PETA, releasing a rat more than 100 yards away from their point of origin is not humane. Unfortunately, you don’t want to have rats coming back to your house. So, this is why you will have to ensue little animal suffering.

Another humane method is to use fences, it is a great preventive measure. An important thing to keep in mind is that the fence must be made of steel or stone or any material that the rats can’t chew. It is recommended to have a high fence, so the rats cannot easily climb over the fence.

Cleaning Up Your Area
One of the easiest humane Toronto rat removal methods is by cleaning up your surroundings. You will have to declutter your house including the basement and attic. In case you had rats previously, you should clean the feces and urine of the rats. This is one the things that attract more rats. Cleanliness is very important as the rats are carriers of disease and are unhygienic. Moreover, you should not leave any food item out in the kitchen and outside in the yard. It is recommended to keep the trash can away from the house and have a tight-fitting lid. Therefore, rats are an indication of unhygienic environment that is not healthy for living. Whether you need to get your house inspected or get it rat-proofed, we are the right choice.

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